Investment Services

investment services

Investment Services

investment services

We are an investment advisory firm that develops and oversees portfolios of publicly traded securities, which are designed to meet the specific goals and risk preferences of our investors.

Our business-based approach to investing was developed to reflect the principals’ extensive experience in business decision-making, personal investing and understanding investors’ needs.

Our relationship (and process) begins with the identification of the client’s investment goals and objectives – as they relate to time horizons, current (after tax) income desires, capital preservation requirements and risk preferences. Prior to constructing a portfolio for our investors, we initially conduct a thorough investment review & diagnostic audit of each perspective client to assist them in determining their investment objectives and risk preferences. Once this process is completed, we then review the results with the client so that we can develop an initial portfolio, tailored to their respective goals and objectives.

The 3M Financial Group actively acquires, develops, and repositions residential and commercial properties to maintain the highest potential for investment growth. We operate with integrity and strength to preserve and grow our investors’ capital.

You guys have always been my “go-to” company. Not only for me personally with my businesses but are always strongly recommended for all of my industry clients. The attention to detail and involvement with your clients’ best interests from HR to payroll to accounts payable is unsurpassed. Bravo!

Saqib I.

Newmarket, ON

The 3M Group has managed our accounting needs for over 10 years and they truly act as our partner, helping us spot opportunities and grow our business.  They are one of our greatest resources, continuing to save us both time and money with their knowledge and experience.  3M allows us to better focus on our business!

Susie L.

Milton, ON

In my working relationship with 3M Financial Group, I have been very impressed with the quality of their work, the professionalism they display and timeliness of the information they provide. Being able to take advantage of the value-added programs and investment opportunities they provide has been advantageous to me and my company. I highly recommend Atiq and his amazing team to anyone.

Jamal W.

Mississauga, ON